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Yes, we do speak English too!

A warm welcome to BierenVanBegeerte 
It must have been around the start of the new millennium when it first truly sank in. All three of us had been living in the Belgian beer paradise ever since we were born, in the midst of an unsurpassed offer of recipes, enjoying the reputation of top-notch quality backed by the strongest traditions and expertise.

Both humbled and inspired by the giants around us, our curiosity for Belgian specialty beer was aroused and we started working on our own recipe that rooted from personal preferences, lived up to our highest expectations and used only the best of ingredients. More than ten years down the road we have established brewery BierenVanBegeerte and are eager to share with you the beers we have on offer.

Kamil: Antwerp Quality - Made in Belgium
Kamil is a living Belgian specialty beer with top fermentation that contains a blend of malted barley and wheat, hops, yeast, spices and yes, also water. It has a specific gravity before fermentation of 12 degrees Plato, resulting into 6,5% alcohol by volume.

Apart from this single webpage, our website (and with it the webshop) is only available in Dutch, the first language Kamil will hear when he's born. But do not despair! If you are curious or in for a tasting session yourself, just drop us an e-mail and we will get back to you soon to see how we can get Kamil delivered at your place.